Over the last decade,
millions of votes have disappeared.
A nation can be stolen without guns or tanks.
A nation can be stolen vote by vote.


Direct Cinema Limited presents a Concentric Media Film
Vote by Vote

A new feature length documentary film
Narrated by PETER COYOTE
Produced and Directed by
Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning Filmmaker

September 19th thru 25th at the Varsity 3
4329 University Way NE Seattle, WA
Date may change.
Check website to confirm:

Compelling, meticulously accurate, poignant…
First-person stories from the election trenches paint a
chilling picture of problems affecting election outcomes,
"glitches" and "irregularities" which cannot be
explained away as random errors.

We all need to learn as much as possible
as quickly as possible about our electoral system –
before it is too late.



How You Can Help:

1. Come see the film at your local theater!

2. Spread the word to others that this is a 'must-see' film.

3. Sign up to table in the theatre lobby to hand out
our election reform information and, if you wish,
material from your own organization.
For information on tabling, email: info@concentric.org

4. Rent the theatre to hold a private screening or benefit.
For information on scheduling a screening, email: stealingamerica@gmail.com

5. Purchase tickets for small groups at a reduced rate.
For information on group ticket sales, email: stealingamerica@gmail.com