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Election justice will only be achieved when the public claims ownership of our elections. We cannot do this through voting in the current system. Community action is the answer. And education is the first step in spurring people to act.

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Browse these web pages for those new to the issues:
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Where's The Paper?
Voters Unite (handouts)

Educate Others

Once you have taken that step and begun to learn the truth about how severely the election system has been damaged, you must make it your responsibility to carry that message to others.
Talk about the need for protection of voting rights and the integrity of U.S. elections at work, with friends and family, etc. Any time candidates or issues on the ballot are discussed is an opportunity to speak up. Any time you hear someone talk about making change through legislation is an opportunity as well.

Direct people to this site to watch film clips, find a nearby showing of STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote, and find out how they can get involved.