Each of Us Can help
Featured Projects
We especially encourage you to join others in doing one of the essential projects outlined in this section.

Volunteer for Citizen Exit Polling
Video the Vote
Plan to Protest Suspicious Election Outcomes
Ask Candidates to Take the "Standing For Voters Pledge!"
Information and Resources

What Every Voter Needs to Know
On Election Day
Help Me Choose An Action
Quick Actions for Everyone
Let these be the beginning of what you do.

Verify That You're Registered to Vote!
Check Photo ID Requirements
Learn More and Educate Others
Write a Letter to the Editor
Call In to Radio Shows
Post Comments Online
Display a Button/ Bumpersticker
Additional Actions
Choose one of these projects and get started on your own or with others, perhaps a group of friends or a local election integrity group.

Alert and Motivate Others
Become a Paid Pollworker and Trained Observer
Join an Election Integrity Group
Use STEALING AMERICA to Educate and Inspire
Ensure all Eligible Voters Can Vote
Help Prevent Machine and Ballot Shortages
Monitor Local Elections and Procedures
Donate to Election Integrity Groups
The vote you save may be your own!