Volunteer for the Election Verification Poll (Citizen Exit Poll) on Election Day!

Exit polling is used around the world to expose tainted elections. Yet in the United States, the exit polls commissioned by a consortium of mainstream media corporations are now adjusted to match the election results! Election Defense Alliance, Election Integrity, and Velvet Revolution, three national election integrity groups, are recruiting volunteers and raising funds for professionally managed, scientifically designed exit polls to be commissioned by the public! These polls are essential for verifying or calling into question the official election results.

Volunteers are needed in strategic locations to help with this effort. After a short training session, volunteers will present voters leaving the polls on Election Day with a short survey form, and instruct voters to complete the survey and drop it into a locked box.

Donations are needed to fund the professional polling services, provide forms and other materials to pollsters, compensate state supervisors, data entry personnel, data analysts, etc. Donations made through Election Defense Alliance can be earmarked for "election verification polling."

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