Plan to Protest Suspicious Election Outcomes

STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote raises suspicion about the outcomes of recent elections: there is evidence that certain U.S. Elections may have been stolen, particularly in the last decade. This year's upcoming elections are in danger as well. There is no basis for confidence in our election results as long as our votes are counted by computers.

Might the 2016 presidential election be stolen? Might Congressional election results be inaccurate? Are local elections safe? We do know that the means, motive and opportunity for election theft exist. The people of this nation must not only work to prevent election theft, but also to detect it if it happens. And we must be prepared, if the 2008 election results are suspicious, to protest. is organizing now in case protests are needed. Please visit their site to learn more and pledge to protest. Meet with people in your own community to talk about joining large protests and mounting local response. If protests are needed, it will be important that they be massive.