Verify That You're Registered to Vote!

Experts estimate that as many as 6,000,000 individuals will be deprived of their vote this year.

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If you'd prefer to check your registration by phone, call your local election office and ask them to tell you whether or not your registration is active. Check again right before the registration deadline.

The last several years have seen millions of voters removed from the voting rolls, the official lists of registered voters. Discriminatory "voter purges" violate people's voting rights and can change the results of elections!

Communities of color and college students are the biggest targets of this form of disenfranchisement. Elders are also disproportionately affected by new photo ID requirements.
We cannot let this happen. We recommend that everyone check to see that your name is still on the registration list. Check now, and check again right before the upcoming registration deadline. Mark your calendar!

Now spread the word! Talk to everyone you know, especially those in groups most likely to be targeted, about the importance of checking their registration.

If you will be outside the United States for the election, you should still be able to vote. The Overseas Vote Foundation website provides information about your options, as well as a ballot request form. Local overseas voting contacts are available here by selecting a state and a county. Note: There is no way to ensure a secure chain of custody of your ballot when voting from outside the U.S. We recommend that everyone who is able to do so vote in person on paper at their polling place on election day.

Important! Check out our page on photo ID requirements! Make sure you have what you need for election day!

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