What Every Voter Needs to Know

Verify NOW that you're still actively registered to vote!

Thousands have been quietly removed from registration lists.

Visit this page for more information about how to check if you're registered, how to register if you're not registered, and to find the registration deadline for your state.

Photo ID is required for voting in some states and CANNOT be required in others.

Check this mapor this list to find out what your state requires. Make sure you have the correct ID with you on election day, and help others do the same! If you are voting for the first time (or are newly registered?), you must bring ID to the polls with you. Check here to find what ID is required in your state.

If you are a new voter, you must receive a voter confirmation card. Bring this with you to the polls.

If you have not received your voter confirmation card, contact your elections office.

Vote on paper, at your polling place, if possible.

As illustrated in STEALING AMERICA, electronic counting of votes is unreliable. When votes are cast on an electronic voting machine (such as a touch screen machine), there is no way to verify that the machine count is correct. When votes are cast on paper, verification of the official totals becomes possible.

If you must vote absentee, hand-deliver your ballot it if you can.

When ballots are mailed, the chain of custody is broken. Ballots that arrive before election day are generally processed with insufficient community oversight.

(See our section on monitoring for information about how to help provide that oversight.)

Only vote on a provisional ballot if absolutely necessary.

Provisional ballots have a reduced chance of being counted. If at all possible, demand a regular ballot. If you cannot obtain a regular ballot, carefully follow the instructions about completing the provisional ballot and the accompanying envelope. Ask for help from a pollworker if you need it. Make sure you find out if you must take additional steps, such as proving your residency, and how to follow up to learn whether or not your vote was counted.

Vote separately for each race. DO NOT click ONE button or box that will mark all the races for your party.

In many states, electronic voting machines are programmed not to register a vote for president when a voter chooses the "straight party" option. What is the "straight party" option? The voter is presented with the option to select their political party and is told that this will result in their vote being cast for their party's candidate in every race on the ballot. We recommend that you vote each race individually.

Problems voting? Call the hotline! 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8783).

Legal workers are available to help solve problems and answer questions.

Sponsored by Election Protection.

Also enter your problem report online at Voter Story if you're able.

Prepare Now to protest suspicious election results!

There is no basis for confidence in our election results as long as our votes are counted by computers. The people of this nation must not only work to prevent election theft, but also to detect it if it happens. More info.

Even people who are not eligible to vote can do most of the actions on this site!

If you're not yet 18, not a citizen, or have lost your voting rights, if you choose to take action for fair, accurate, and transparent elections you can still make a significant difference. Please do!

Know your voting rights!

We recommend you contact your local or state election office and ask for documentation of your voting rights.