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1-866-OUR VOTE
Sponsored by the Election Protection Coalition

CALL 1-866-MY VOTE 1
to document your voting experience.
Sponsored by VoterAction's WatchTheVote program.

Election Fraud/Whistleblower hotline: 1-800-VOTE-TIP
Sponsored by Velvet Revolution.

Enter your voting complaint online

Also consider:
calling your local election office with your complaint, and contacting local media.

News Sources:

Daily Voting News
Free daily email summary with links by John Gideon of Voters Unite

The BRAD BLOG Brad Friedman, proprietor

Op-Ed News Elections and Campaigns Page

Ongoing Radio Shows on Election Integrity (including internet streaming)
Listed at the Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force

National Nonpartisan Groups Working for Election Integrity

Election Defense Alliance
Voters Unite
Velvet Revolution
Video the Vote
Vote Count Protection Project of Election
Voter Action
Project Vote Count
Pollworkers for Democracy
Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution
Black Box Voting
List of Local and State Groups from Election Defense Alliance

Voter Information

General Information
Project Vote Smart
County election offices
Registration deadlines by state

Voter Photo ID Resources:
Find out photo ID requirements, if any, in your state:
Check this map or this list from Pew Center on the States.

Organizing tool to minimize disenfranchisement caused by photo ID laws:
The Democracy Campaign
Voter Photo ID toolkits by state

Ex-Offender Voting Rights
Restore my Vote
or Restore My Vote hotline at 1-877-60 RESTORE (1-877-607-3786).

Overseas Voters
Overseas Vote Foundation

Election Legislation and Law
Election Legislation By State or by Category
State Audit Legislation Reference Guide from Citizens for Election Integrity MN

More Voting Rights Information
The Voting Rights Act
Voter Bills of Rights by State (if still up-do-date)


These are a few of our favorites out of thousands that have been written.
Peering Through Chinks in the Armor of High-Tech Elections
by Pokey Anderson. May 27, 2007

Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections
by Ellen Theisen, Co-Director, VotersUnite.Org

"Was The 2004 Election Stolen?"
by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Landslide Denied Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006
by Jonathan Simon, JD and Bruce O'Dell


Many books on the state of our election system are available at the Election Defense Alliance Online Store and at the Columbus Free Press Online Store


Annotated List of Election Integrity Films at the Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force


Black Box Voting's 2008 Tool Kit
"Top 5 Things You Can Do To Stop Election Theft"

Election Problem Log from
" Have a news story we should list here? Tell us!"

Voting Machine Failures (grouped by vendor) from
Voting Machine Failures (grouped by state) from
"Malfunctions and Miscounts"

Election Integrity Pledge for Candidates from
"This election, let's make sure democracy is the winner!"

Voter ID Toolkits from TheDemocracyCampaign
"Arm yourself with knowledge about voter ID requirements and your voting rights"

There may be many things on this site to link to:

Election Equipment 2008 from VerifiedVoting
"The Verifier"

State Open Records Law Request Letter Generator from Student Press Law Center