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In Your Community
To The Media
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In Your Community

Election justice will only be achieved when the public claims ownership of our elections. We cannot do this through voting in the current system. Community action is the answer. And education is the first step in spurring people to act.

Now that you have taken that step and begun to learn the truth about how severely the election system has been damaged, it's your turn to carry that message to others.

Talk about the need for protection of voting rights and the integrity of U.S. elections at work, with friends and family, etc. Any time candidates or issues on the ballot are discussed is an opportunity to speak up. Any time you hear someone talk about making change through legislation is an opportunity as well.
Direct people to this site to watch film clips, find a nearby showing of STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote, and find out how they can get involved.
Encourage your union, club or other organization to take action to save our democracy! Many of the projects and action items listed on this website could easily be adapted for participation by a group of any size.

To The Media

Pressure the media to cover the true story of what happens on election day. Help create a demand for coverage of voter disenfranchisement and other dirty tricks, as well as failures of voting machines and voter registration systems. Let's not let the mainstream media or the alternative media get away with reports of “only a few computer 'glitches,'" "poll worker error," or " voter error!" We've heard too many excuses. It's time for the truth!

Write "letters to the editor" of your local newspapers. Here are some ideas.
Call In to Talk Shows -- both local and national.
Post comments on Internet sites including news sites, blogs and forums.
Correct misinformation when you see it. Reporters can often be contacted via email. Demand that errors be corrected.
Encourage reporters to ask candidates tough questions (see "To Candidates for Public Office," below)

To Candidates for Public Office

Ask candidates from all parties, including candidates for local and regional office, not to claim victory or concede defeat until all the votes are counted.
Bird-dog candidates with questions about voting rights and the integrity of the U.S. election system. Find out where candidates will be appearing in public via their websites or campaign headquarters, Attend appearances and ask a question such as:

* What is your campaign doing to ensure that everyone truly eligible to vote is able to vote?
* What is your campaign doing to ensure that all of the votes are counted as cast?
* What will you campaign do if there are long lines at polling places?
* Will you make a public statement before the election calling for election results to be withheld until all votes are counted?
* If indications such as exit polls and incident reports cal the election results into question, will you personally initiate an election challenge?

Videotape or make an audio recording of the candidate's responses if possible (or bring a friend along to do the videotaping while you ask the question) Post video online at YouTube. Then send us a link.

If an individual local reporter is assigned to cover a candidate in your area, urge the reporter to ask these questions and to report on the candidate's answers.